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How One Powerful Decision Can Change Your Life | Life Lessons | Life Coach |...
✅ How can that ONE IMPORTANT DECISION change your life?
We are more powerful than we think, stronger than we seek. But when we decide to achieve something gigantic in life, we are highly influenced by our family and friends. ...
Is Someone Blocking Me At Work? Why Can't I Get Promoted?
On Mondays, we talk about confidence building so that we can dominate in our chosen careers.
Have you ever felt looked over for a promotion?
Did you apply for a promotion and can't understand why you didn't get it?
Today, ...
Four Tips For Working With A Bad Boss
Today, we are talking about working with "bad" bosses.
Have you ever worked with a "bad" boss? What was that experience like? Did you ever work with a "good" boss? How did you enjoy that experience?
I've worked with some ...
Five Things To Do When You Really Hate Your Job
Over our career span, many of us have disliked our jobs.
We had or have good reason to support our dislike. But...... What do you do when you can't stand your job anymore?
Today's video shares five tips to help ...
Importance of Vision in Life | Success Secrets Revealed
Always, no matter what, keep the end result in mind. If you are going in the wrong direction, it will help you to find your correct path. If you are already doing good, it will make you greater.
👉Referring to ...
You are deserving of the love you desire!
You are enough.
You are deserving.
You are worthy of whatever your heart desires.
How To Dominate As A Solution-Oriented Employee
On Monday’s we share one tip that will help you feel secure /fulfilled at work and boost your confidence!
Today, we are talking about being solution-oriented. Being solution-driven separates you and allows you to dominate at work, at home, or ...
Tips, Tools, and Tricks to Transform Your Life | Life Coach Duquesa Dean
The most important thing to transforming your life is - YOU. 🔥
Did you have heartbreaks?
Have you been going through crises?
Is life getting hard for you?
Struggling to overcome mental stress?
Willing to transform your life?
No worries ...
How To Love Again?
In this video, Nicole and I discussed what it really takes to make love work.
Love is a magic that can help you achieve the impossible. You can fight any battle, win any war if you have true love in ...
Go From Overwhelmed to Fulfilled
Going from overwhelmed to fulfilled takes:
1. Understanding what is required of you that no one else can do for you.
2. Being courageous enough to move past fear.
3. Defining what fulfillment means to you.
4. Taking the steps ...
How Many People Do You Know Who Have Lost Their Dreams?
How many people do you know who have lost their dreams?
You were born to do something special and the power of making a decision will help you do just that.
It’s time to decide. Will you stay stuck or ...
Broken Things Can Lead To Beautiful Destinations
Learning how to take the lesson and use it to rebuild your life, is what the power of reflection is all about.
What Are The Best Qualities To Look For In A Mentor
When selecting a mentor, look for these qualities.
They are a must!
"Setting Goals is Only The First Step"
To achieve our goals, we must take out planning a step further than writing them out. We should factor in who, what, why, how, and when.
Creating our blueprints help us execute better and quicker.
#goalsetting #blueprints #readysetgoal #takeaction
Are You Ready To Take Action?
Have You Ever Been Stuck?
Stuck in that job? Relationship? Friendship? Dream Chase?
If you've been there, you know just how frustrating it is to want something more; something better but have no idea of how to get it.
That ...
Tips To Be At Your Best
We spend a lot of time focusing on what we need to improve.
How about we switch that and start focusing on what we do really well?
Win This Day With Self-Image
Having a healthy outlook stems from a healthy self-image.
How do we cultivate a healthy self-image? We unearth our positive self-esteem which lives buried beneath all the unhealed circumstances.
#WinThisDay #Positivity #SelfImage
How We See Ourselves Determines How We Act
Our self-image is tied to our self-esteem. To improve the way we see ourselves, we must improve the way we view ourselves.
What Is The Single Most Important Factor For Success?
Success starts within. This one component is a requirement for success.
How Do Leaders At The Pinnacle of Success Lead?
In his curriculum The Five Levels Of Leadership, John C Maxwell shares that there are 5 kinds of leaders. The Pinnacle leader is the highest ranking in leadership.
Here are some attributes of this type of leader.
How To Develop Your Leadership Skills Part 1
John C Maxwell, Leadership Guru of the world, shares that there are five levels of leadership. They are Position, Permission, Production, People Development & Pinnacle.
This video shares advice on how to move from level one leadership. Position Leadership is ...
Build A Bomb Personal Brand
In my most recent blog, I shared the difference between job stability and job security. There really is no such thing as job security. The blog can be found here:
One way to help us attain job stability is ...
Have You Ever Been Broken?
Broken to the place where you had no hope?
You are not alone!
The great thing about brokenness is that it gives up a starting point to HEAL.
You Can Do It!
I'm so glad I didn't listen to them!!!!
Who you may be asking.........
Well, the people who tried to discourage me from harnessing my powering and living my best life!
The journey is absolutely fulfilling.
Sis/Bro - if you have ...
Go Get Your Dreams
Our past can hinder us or it can propel us.
Many years ago, I made mistakes in my life. We've all been there.
My thoughts about my mistakes held me bondage and kept me from pursuing my dreams and goals. ...
Betrayal Hurts
Betrayal hurts! It feels like something cut your soul!
Betrayal is not easy to forgive. It's a violation of a relationship and usually means the end of it.
Have you been there? I certainly have. When people betray us it's ...
Lessons From Food Poisoning About Releasing Toxic Emotions
When we hold on the negativity, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, etc, we poison ourselves.
When we release though.........
We free ourselves to live happier more fulfilled lives.
When Our Friends Need Us Most
At some of the darkest times of my life, I navigated life alone.
It was at that time that I really needed the support of my friends.
Sometimes though, friends aren't sure how to support us as we navigate the ...